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As Canada’s premier sperm bank since 1991, Origin offers an array of sperm donors to match your unique vision of family.

Formerly operating as ReproMed Ltd. 

How it works


Our Patient Support Team can help make finding a donor easy.



Visit the online catalogue 

View donor attributes such as ancestry, physical attributes, education, interests and genetic test results. Gain further insights by purchasing access to Extended Donor Profiles.



Choose your donor

Our Patient Support Team can guide you in choosing the right sample for your treatment needs as specified by your clinic.



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Once you’ve chosen your donor, complete your purchase and your specimen will be shipped to your physician. Our team is here to help if you have any questions.

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Why choose Origin?

Canada’s leading donor sperm centre

Every detail, from the donors we select to the specimens we collect, meets or exceeds the strictest Health Canada guidelines.

Truly diverse catalogues

When choosing a donor, you’re looking for specific attributes. Origin offers a broadly diverse group of donors, so you can find your perfect match.

Recognized provider of Canadian donor sperm

Origin actively recruits Canadian donors, adhering to the rigorous sperm donation standards set out by Health Canada for highly ethical and safe practices.

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