Fertility preservation when your fertility is at risk

Sperm Storage

There are many reasons you may anticipate potential risk to your fertility, or a potential challenge to providing semen at the right time while trying to conceive. We are experts in the cryopreservation of semen, and make your  choice to collect and store your semen worry-free.


Long-term storage of semen does not reduce its fertilizing ability. Little to no loss of sperm survival occurs after 25 years of storage at -196°C.

When to consider sperm storage


There are several situations where sperm storage offers peace-of-mind and improved potential of fathering children.

Before a vasectomy 

If you think there’s a possibility of wanting children after a vasectomy, be aware the success of vasectomy reversal is variable and not guaranteed. Sperm storage ensures you’ll always have the potential for children in the future.

When there’s advanced paternal age

There is a growing body of scientific research suggesting that offspring of people 40 years or older have increased likelihood for a wide range of disorders. This can include genetic abnormalities such as some cancers, autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia. While more research is needed, sperm storage is recommended for men who plan to have children later in life.

Before medical treatments, such as cancer

Cancer and its treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery may damage your fertility. In these cases, it’s best to store samples of sperm before treatments begin. As well as cancer, there are other medical treatments that could negatively impact your fertility. If you are unsure whether a medical treatment could damage your fertility, please discuss with your physician.

Before an extended trip (especially to regions affected by Zika)

For people trying to conceive with a male partner who anticipates being absent when the ovulation cycle is best for fertilization, sperm storage ensures that the specimen is ready when needed. Health Canada also recommends that men should not initiate a pregnancy for three months after travelling to a Zika virus active region to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus to their partner. 

Because of a high-risk occupation

Several occupations result in high risk of exposure to biological or chemical toxins, or a risk of testicular injury. 

Before assisted reproductive techniques

Prior to undergoing assisted reproductive techniques such as insemination, in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, sperm storage ensures that the specimen will be available on the day of the procedure.

What to expect with sperm collection

In-person collection

Each visit to the Origin facility must be preceded by a period of abstinence from ejaculation for three to five days. Your first specimen is assessed for sperm quality and screened for infectious diseases. This first specimen may be stored, and additional deposits may be requested based on sperm quality and your future needs. 


Remote collection with Cryofly™

If collection at the Origin facility isn’t practical for you, we provide our Cryofly service. It includes a complete kit to safely collect the specimen at home and then ship it directly to our facility using an overnight courier service. The kit includes special transport media to keep your specimen safe with easy-to-follow instructions.

All-Inclusive Sperm Freezing Package

Most patients who store sperm with Origin choose the all-inclusive pricing package, which includes an initial visit, one deposit visit, and one year of storage. The package cost is $920.


The Cryofly™ kit option cost is $95, plus shipping.

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