Directed Donation Program

Using a known semen donor with a personal connection to you

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Directed Donor Program

(previously called Designated or Known Donor Program)


To support your wish to use semen from a donor with a personal connection to you. You may consider this option because you want to include a donor from your family or genetic lineage, a donor from a specific ethnicity unavailable through a sperm bank, or to create an opportunity for a relationship between child and donor.

Participation supports treatment success—and your safety

A key component of this program is to work with your Directed Donor to complete a donor physical, infectious disease screening and testing, and review of medical and genetic history. In addition, a semen analysis will be completed to assess the quality of the specimen and confirm its suitability for your intended treatments.


Our other key role as a registered sperm bank with Health Canada is to ensure the donation does not pose a serious risk to the health and safety of the recipient, or the future child. Our structured approach ensures the donated samples are processed according to Health Canada’s standards of safety and quality. We also complete formal documentation outlining the roles and responsibilities of each party. Participation in this program alleviates concerns about future ramifications or serious consequences of not complying with Health Canada regulations.

The Directed Donation process

Phase One – Recipient & Donor Onboarding

  • Complete registration documents for both recipient and Directed Donor
  • Collect and assess an initial specimen 
  • Consult with our Fertility Specialists to determine specifics of procurement and release phases 

Phase Two – Donor Specimen Procurement

  • Onsite screening and specimen collection for Directed Donor (physical, infectious disease testing, genetic screening, etc.) 
  • Donor may participate in Expanded Carrier Screening or advanced semen testing
  • Recipient has the option of opting for their donor to repeat infectious disease testing 180 days (quarantine period) after initial test.  Though this is not a requirement, your clinic may request this subsequent test.
  • Complete documentation with the procurement phase
  • Multiple visits may be required and arranged

Phase Three – Donor Specimen Release

  • Complete post quarantine testing, if required
  • Review all results and specimen quality
  • Finalize acceptance documents for vial release
  • Release vials to treating physician for reproductive use