Identity Release Options

Understand How Identity Release Works

With Canadian donor sperm through Origin, you have the option of choosing an Anonymous or Identity Release (Open ID) donor.

About Anonymous Donors

Anonymous Donors consent to donating semen for assisted reproduction, but have not yet consented to release their identity information to any future offspring. While there is a possibility they would be willing to disclose their identity in the future, without the presence of actual consent, this isn’t guaranteed. Most of the anonymous donors at Origin have a very positive attitude about identity disclosure in general and may be open to discussing this option in the future. 

About Identity Release (Open ID) Donors

A suitable option if you want absolute certainty your child has the opportunity to access their donor’s identity information. Identity Release Donors give irrevocable consent to release their identity information (e.g. name, photo, government-issued IDs, birth date and most current contact information on file) when requested by an eligible donor offspring. For a donor offspring to be eligible, they must be at least 18 years old.


Using an Identity Release Donor does not automatically enroll you in the Identity Release Donor Program. If you would like to participate, please follow the steps below to register for the Identity Release Program.

Register for the Identity Release Program

To participate in the Identity Release Program, you can choose to register immediately after the birth of your child, or at any time later.



Complete a Live Birth Report

Indicate in the space for comments that you would like to register in the Identity Release Program.



You will be contacted by our Patient Services Team

Provide supporting documentation such as medical records, sample order confirmation, or an invoice. Additionally, you will be requested to sign consent for participation in the Program.



Your completed registration information will be securely kept at Origin

After your child turns 18, they may contact Origin requesting the donor’s identity information released.

Origin DOES NOT provide semen donors with any offspring information, unless an identity release request has been made by an offspring or the recipient mother of an offspring who is older than 18 years.

You may also want to take advantage of Origin’s Sibling Registry which will give you and your child a chance to interact with families that have used the same donor. This can be done immediately after the birth of your child or any time later.